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Tantra – the fastest route to enlightenment. At least if you believe in what ancient Indian and Tibetan scripts are suggesting. It’s a route that requires a lot of courage, though, and you have to be ready and willing to turn inwards and face your own shadows. In Tantra everything and anything can happen for you – even the best.

Conscious Touch Workshops

A warm, gentle, loving way of tapping into broader consciousness using the sense of physical touch and/or working with the energetics and the realms of magic. Our seminar called ConsciousTouch is about connecting with yourself and others with an open heart. We are providing a safe space for you so you can heal old wounds by interacting with us and others using physical, emotional or energetic touch.

Dance & Movement

Moving your body may help you find inner peace, be fully present in the now – and claim your power back. This is what you can experience when dancing or doing yoga. During both, we like to let you roam as free as you can, giving only as much instruction as needed, and as little as is required. In these sessions you can enjoy the essence of Tandava, Yin Yoga, Core Connexion Dance Experience and express your beliefs through dance during Dance Your Prayer. And if you are up for a challenge, why don’t you join us for “108 sun salutations meet tantra” two times a year during summer and winter solstice? …

Sound Healing

Silence and music can change everything, impact and move us deeply. They are amongst the most powerful languages of the universe. Singing and humming can release deeply hidden subconscious self-healing powers. Staying silent, being present through singing and jamming freely will all become very easy when you dare to let go of everything that no longer serves you. Releasing and embracing all of your emotions will set you free and empower you in a way you might not have felt before. We are happy to help you raise your voice confidently, both in singing and while you’re talking.

Our highlight in June at YouMeUnity

Yoni-Healing - Tantra Weekend Workshop for couples

From Friday, 14 June to Sunday, 16 June the focus of our tantric weekend seminar for couples (and couples practicing together) will be on healing femininity. When a man supports his partner in regaining her full strength, this strength is also transferred to him, supporting, uplifting and empowering him and the couple as a whole.

Some of our focal points during the seminar

  • Yoni Healing (guided yoni massage)
  • strengthening empathy and self-love
  • healing the feminine parts (also in men)
  • the cervix as a source of strength
  • the power of divine rage
  • forgiveness

Strengthen your relationship as a couple (or sign up with a friend working together as a practice couple to prepare for a future, fulfilling couple relationship). You can look forward to nourishing tantric couple rituals and experiencing the magic that can arise when honesty and authenticity are your guiding stars.

More about our tantra weekend seminar for couples here.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Joy S. and Thomas Hochgesang

Summer Solstice in Heidelberg on 21 June 2024

Our Litha special: experience Celtic heritage, yoga and tantra vibes all in one

Are you in the mood for relaxed yoga, tantric elements and Celtic / shamanic rituals on Midsummer’s Eve? Then come and join us in Heidelberg on Friday, 21 June 2024

You can find all the information about our Litha Special here:


We are looking forward to seeing you.

Joy & Thomas

Litha Special Tantra Celts and Yin Yoga for the summer solstice in Heidelberg

Current at YouMeUnity in June
Tantra in Heidelberg und Baden-Württemberg im Juni bei YouMeUnity für Paare und Singles


YouMeUnity is your companion during your journey to yourself. We enjoy it so much to see people arrive at their innermost core. In doing so they are getting ready to embrace one or several relationships that can last and that are honest, deeper than ever before and 100 % heart-open. Such a secure bonding includes honest and appreciative communication, an open heart and a readiness in everyone involved to fully love themselves – and by doing so, learning to love everyone and everything on this beautiful planet, too. Self-confidence, courage, authenticity and embracing what is are also part of this – as well as accepting everything about yourself, even those character traits that you are not particularly proud of. And, of course everything that reminds you of your innate Buddha within yourself.

We are looking forward to walking alongside you during a part of your journey.

Sonnenblume als Checkliste für YouMeUnity-Retreats
Double Check

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We are here for you

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