Soul Sounds

Let music remind you that you are love

Let yourself be enchanted by the power of music

Soul Sounds is our session for all those who want to be reminded by music that life means well with them

We sing and play together. Every session is different, special. We have a treasure chest of sounds at our disposal at all times and use it spontaneously to shape the evening, depending on the energy in the room: Show your inner pixie by making music using crazy sounds and improvised instruments. Use a drum and let all of your built-up anger go in a roar session. Sometimes we will be singing well-known songs together, sometimes it’s time for spiritual songs and mantras. We meet each other in song, play with vocal coaching and soul language or experiment with the sounds of silence. We tap into feeling joy in the here and now.

Soul Sounds - your pathway to freedom in music - and beyond

The possibilities for experimenting with sound and energy are endless. We will be creating a balance on all levels between sound and silence, closeness and distance, gentleness and wildness. Since spoken word, song and vibration activate subconscious self-healing powers: Letting go of old conditioning and past hurt becomes very easy if you dare to sing and let out what is inside you, regardless of whether your sound blends harmoniously with that of others or not, because this evening you are your own star.

By repeating sounds again and again intuitively and drumming rhythmically, you can experience an inner trance and access deeper levels of self. Using soul language and soul song can open us up to our true nature and help us remember our origins. We encourage you to raise your voice, both in song and in spoken language. And we will show you that you are standing on solid ground if you dare to speak up for yourself and your needs. You will realize that you, your sound and your personal note are needed in this world. With the help of music, we will all see each other through the eyes of love, tolerance and compassion, in the spirit of the Indian “Namasté”.

In order to make room for the power of silence, too, each Soul Sound session will be concluded with a (sound) meditation that will help you be present not only with your voice, but also with your whole body. You can enjoy this meditative part on your own or cuddling up with somebody.

Why music is so important to us

Joy S.

Joy S. is an intuitive guide, author and musician. Music was already playing an important part in her life when she was in primary school. Over the years, she switched from various flutes to piano and finally to church organ. After graduating from high school, she had enough of music theory and harmony and studied languages. But music never stopped calling and Joy's voice became her main instrument. She performed as a singer in duos, bands and with her own songs. During Soul Sounds and other spiritual events, Joy gives free rein to her vocation as a musical medium and plays with elfish, healing tones and frequencies, while otherwise she likes to express her Kali side as a lead singer in the rock and pop genre - the whole tantric spectrum.

Thomas Hochgesang

Thomas Hochgesang uses therapeutic as well as systemic approaches for his work and also involves the energetics as well as spirituality. His approach is based on strengthening self-healing powers, freedom of choice and setting free stuck energy through meditative as well as playful physical rituals from the tantric tradition. After his first engagement as a drummer in a teen band with school friends and playing his first "Smoke On The Water" on the guitar at the age of 15, countless campfire sessions and concerts followed. He got a little bit distracted when motorcycles and girls started to play a major role, but together with Joy he found his way back into music. Despite is name (Hochgesang means "singing high") his vocal range is more at home in low keys. Thomas has experienced the healing power of music firsthand, which is why he would encourage anyone to let out the frequencies and tones slumbering deep within.

Stefan Bechtold

Stefan Bechtold is a powerful sound shaman. Supported by his large shamanic drum, he works with a wide variety of intonation techniques. In his work, he also uses overtone singing, voice and vocal coaching exercises and intuitive healing chants. His heartfelt desire is to remind people of the power of their voice, their soul language and their soul song, so that they can become aware of their potential and understand the importance of embracing their body as part of their whole being. As a synaesthetic being, Stefan can see music and auras. Together with Joy and Thomas, he opens up a safe space for deep experiences at Soul Sounds.

At Soul Sounds, an event of the Sound Healing series, we support you as a team in your processes on the path to a more loving, freer self.

Level: beginners and advanced

At Soul Sounds, music is centre stage. During the Soul Sound exercises, we focus on connecting people with the help of sound. An exercise example would be to place your hands on your exercise partner’s diaphragm to be able to fully feel and tap into the vibration of sound. At the end of the session, there is usually a meditation or a relaxation part with the option of cuddling.

Location: TraumRaum Heidelberg, Hauptstraße 119, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Your contribution to Soul Sounds:

  • regular 25 €
  • reduced 17 €
  • Sponsor ticket 33 €


Time: 7:30-10 p.m. (arrival from 7:15 p.m., doors close at 7:30 p.m.)

Soul Sounds by YouMeUnity / Love & Freedom Tantra currently takes place at irregular intervals depending on demand. Just get in touch with us – we’ll be happy to add you to our list of interested parties.

We are looking forward to your sounds of joy 🙂

Warm Regards
with love and freedom

Thomas, Joy and Stefan

Any questions?

Just get in touch. 🙂

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