Letting go through movement


Yoga is an important part of our events that last more than a day. Both we and our participants enjoy being fully present in our bodies – an experience that is made possible through Yoga. We use movement to arrive at full relaxation. At our longer events, it is usually Yin Yoga that we focus on.

Here is a short excerpt on Yoga taken from Joy’s latest book Feeling Loved (currently available in German only):

“Yoga was already practiced in India 5,000 years ago. Yoga is about uniting body and soul in a harmonious way. You can find peace through physical movement in combination with mindfulness. This helps you connect with yourself on a very deep level.

There are over 90 different types of yoga, so there is a suitable yoga style for every personality type. […]

Yin Yoga is not about practicing so you can hold a certain posture perfectly, but rather about finding your own way into relaxation. It’s about balancing yourself out through stillness so you feel good deep within. Above all, you practice the art of surrendering: You surrender to inner peace and gravity and just let go.

With little effort, almost as if by itself, you let go of all tension within your body, loosen stuck fasciae and train your muscles and strings in a barely perceptible way. Be mindful and observe how far you can go without putting too much effort into your movement. This is how you connect with your body.

You learn to push yourself to your limits in a loving way. And there’s no need to feel sorry if it doesn’t work out the way it did in a previous yoga class.

Observe without judgement, watch yourself and your own body in a lovingly and considerate way. There is something meditative about that. Yin Yoga classes are often started with a short meditation. Yin Yoga leads you into your own depths, into feminine strength and relaxation and towards inner peace. You will remember that you are enough and enhance self-love permanently.”

Our annual Celtic celebration days are another magical occasion for you to connect deeper with yourself. We like to combine these special days with magical Celtic rituals and gentle tantric exercises, at least for the summer and winter solstices.

If it is important to you that yogic practice is at the centre of attention, our annual yoga specials are the right place for you. If you would like to get a taste of tantra and take yogic elements with you as a safe haven, then you are welcome at our weekend seminars, retreats and also at ConsciousTouch Overnight.

And if that’s still not enough for you and you’re interested in getting even more of these fulfilling, deep, yogic classes, Paddi from Mindgame Yoga in Darmstadt will definitely be happy to welcome you.

Why I love yoga

Joy S.

I love to fully let go through repetitive movement (by doing sun salutations or during yoga flows) or through slowing down and relaxing (yoga nidra and yin yoga). For me, being spontaneous and playful is another important component of bringing across the yoga spirit as i understand it. Yoga simply lets me be who I am in this very moment in time. My first really intense longer moments of tapping into the frequency of enlightenment in recent years happened while I was doing yoga. I was in this space of not thinking, not wanting anything, not pursuing any goal - and then it just happened. I would like to invite you into these flow moments, too. Into feeling freedom, sovereignty and self-love so intensely that nothing really matters anymore. This is why I teach yoga.

Click here for our events that focus on yoga

- Gentle Yin Yoga in the context of some of the Celtic annual festive days

Yin Yoga - Litha Special for the summer solstice

Relaxed asanas and gentle tantric elements meet Celtic heritage for the Litha Yoga summer solstice special,
21 June 2024

Yin Yoga - Yule Yoga Special for the winter solstice

Relaxed asanas and gentle tantric elements meet Celtic heritage for the Yule yoga winter solstice special,
21 December 2024

Yin yoga is also an integral part of our program in these formats


Whether on Easter, Pentecost or during the New Year’s Retreat – or any other retreat we may be offering during the year, we will be starting the day with a yin yoga session.

Weekend seminars

In the weekend seminar series, “Training for Love, Freedom and Deep Connection” and “The Art of Lovemaking – Tantra for Couples”, there is a Yin unit every day.

ConsciousTouch Overnight - Our Temple Nights

Whoever joins us for a tantric Temple Night, which is part of our ConsciousTouch series, will also be able to enjoy a Yin Yoga class in the morning.

Any questions?

Just get in touch. 🙂

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