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Every year, we offer at least 2 annual tantra trainings in addition to our Conscious Touch evening workshops, retreats and other seminars. At the moment, this is what we have on offer:

  1. If you are currently in a relationship and both of you are ready for more depth and a fascinating mix of inner peace and excitement, “The Art of Lovemaking” may be right for you. You can also attend this tantra workshop with a friend who can take over the role of being your partner to practice with. Ready for more fire, more depth, more adventure, more confidence – and above all, more self-love? All information and the next workshop dates for “The Art of Lovemaking” can be found here.
  2. Singles, couples and other constellations longing for a deep, fulfilling, very special partnership (or perhaps more than one) will feel at home in our Training for Love, Freedom and Deep Connection . Find out here how you can manifest the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted – and how it’s possible for your current partnership to last.

Our annual training for couples and singles - to keep your relationship exciting for a long, long time

Important note: You can join our annual training courses any time – or choose to attend just one individual weekend workshop. Each weekend module is complete in itself. Whatever workshop you may have missed before joining, you can easily just attend it in the following year.

The two Tantra trainings (‘The Art of Lovemaking‘ and Training for Love, Freedom and Deep Connection) take place on 5 weekends a year. If you’re not sure if the complete annual training is right for you, don’t you worry. Feel free to just book one module for a start – and then decide whether you would like to continue for a whole year of exciting tantric experiences.

Our current trainings

Click here to read more about our 2 annual training courses.

The Art of Lovemaking

Tantra for couples

Here you will find all information on our annual training for couples. Discover how you can invite more depth, love, fire and passion into your current relationship.

Training for Love, Freedom and Deep Connection

for singles, couples and others

This is the right place to turn to if you would like to know more about our training course for all of those who are longing for very special, deep, intimate, open-hearted relationship.

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