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A tantric Pentecost experience for the curious and advanced

Whit Saturday 7.6.25 to Whit Monday 9.6.25

Our Pentecost Tantra Retreat will be wonderfully erotic and healing at the same time! Let’s celebrate the enthusiasm with which we can use our sensuality to be better, stronger-willed, more loving people. Together we’ll explore what really fulfills us and makes us happy.

This seminar helps you as a single person, couple or someone in any other constellation to reconcile the love of your heart with your sexuality and your mind. We playfully learn how we can be more loving and fun.

Find the balance in everything that belongs to you. During our seminar, you will be asked to consciously act from your Higher Self, your sacred, superhuman side – and at other times to play with your humanity, your desire and your passion.

Pentecost Tantra Retreat - playing with feminine and masculine energies

Feel and explore balance on all levels at the Pentecost Tantra Retreat

The most important prerequisite for being able to move safely, freely and unihibitedly in a tantric space is that you can feel and communicate your boundaries, which we will practice together thoroughly. Only if you can communicate your “no” clearly (verbally and with body language) can others believe your joyful “yes.”

Explore the right dose of intimacy and distance, touching and not wanting to be touched, company and being alone. Feel and appreciate your body on an intense, integrated level and bring your heart into harmony with your clear mind and sensuality. You will immerse yourself in the field of universal love to a depth that you have never experienced before.

At YouMeUnity we work with exercises from the Kashmiri and Tibetan tantra tradition. Mindful physical presence increases the release of the happiness hormone, oxytocin. Powerful experiences in a protected space, alone, as a couple or in a group, strengthen your ability to stand up for yourself, to present yourself truthfully and authentically in every moment, to trust yourself, love and life in general more and more. Yin Yoga and meditation help you become freer and not hold fast to your experiences.

Pentecost Tantra Retreat - the content

The process is simple: on Saturday evening you’ll arrive, immerse into feeling, into the now. You’ll get to know yourself and the other participants better. A tantric ritual follows, then free temple time. Sleep helps you to regenerate and start the next morning fully energized.

On Sunday morning we will start with Yin Yoga / a morning meditation, enjoy breakfast together and then dive into the other seminar modules, which can also include a systemic constellation if required. In between, there is time for a snack, relaxation or a massage. Dinner takes you out of the house to ‘air out,’ and the wonderful evening ritual followed by free temple time allows you to immerse yourself again in an open, sensual space – from which you can also always withdraw if your need for solitude, rest or sleep calls you.

On Pentecost Monday we will start again with yoga or meditation and share breakfast together before we learn about practical exercises for sensuality and clarity of mind in our tantric morning module. A small snack and a verbally and physically nourishing closing experience will round off the seminar.

At home, you will digest what you have experienced, let it sink in, cultivate new habits and become aware of many new concepts and realizations in the days and weeks that follow. You can also book an individual or couple’s session for yourself before the seminar begins. In such a private session you can clear up important topics for yourself in advance, allow absolute openness in a protected intimate setting or receive exercise recommendations tailored to you personally.

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Our Pentecost retreat is perfect for you if ...

Level 2: for advanced tantrists or – after consultation with us – tantrically curious people with the courage to grow quickly.

Location: in Heidelberg city center in a beautiful old building on 3 floors

Your contribution

  • 339 € regular (Super Early Bird until 31.1.2025: 258 €, Early Bird until 1.4.2025: 297 €)
  • 290 € reduced (for single parents, students, people on low incomes – super early bird until 31.1.2025: € 218, early bird until 1.4.2025: € 250 – nobody should be excluded just because of the money)
  • Sponsor ticket: 370 €


Time frame: Pentecost Saturday, 7.6.25 19:00 h – Pentecost Monday 9.6.25 14:00 h

Good to know: Your participation fee for the Pentecost Tantra Retreat includes the seminar, workshop material and surprises. Your registration is mandatory from the moment your payment is transferred onto our bank account or received by us through Eventbrite.

Where to stay: You can find an overview of the various accommodation options in Heidelberg here. Alternatively, if you like it cozy, talk to us. Some accommodation is available directly at the venue (costs: between 20 and 35 EUR per person per night. Limited availability. If you would like to take advantage of this option, please reserve your overnight stay in advance by e-mail).

In the morning we have a muesli and fruit breakfast together. Snacks will also be available throughout the event. Each person contributes 10 € per day for muesli, tea, coffee, fruit, (coconut) yogurt, (oat) milk and afternoon snacks (nuts, fruit, raw vegetables, cookies, etc.). Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements and, should this be the case, bring along some additional food for you.

On Pentecost Sunday there will be a buffet for which everyone is asked to contribute something. Please bring a delicious dish to share (preferably vegan, so that everyone can have it).

Don’t forget to take with you a lunghi/sarong/pareo as well as your favourite massage oil and, if you want, something personal for our altar. (Lunghis can also be borrowed from us for a small fee).

You will receive detailed information on the retreat via e-mail shortly before it begins. If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch.

We are looking forward to spending time with you.


Joy & Thomas

I wanted to thank you once again for the weekend together! It was a wonderful experience for me, especially because I had no previous experience and didn't know in detail what to expect and what it would do to me.

In new situations and with new people, I'm always cautious at first, to sound out the situation, so to speak. I always have to get to know people a bit first. But I felt comfortable in the group right from the start. Everyone was very open and positive.

It was a very healing experience for me to have the space to go at my own pace and really feel inside myself whether I was feeling yes or no.

Your exercises and the discussions have given me a lot of confidence. I have been working on the topic of setting boundaries for some time now. In the past, I often overstepped my boundaries because I did things for others until I got into an overload situation. Back then, I didn't really feel my limits and I often wasn't even aware that I was overstepping my boundaries. My awareness has already changed a lot, but sometimes I still find it difficult to offend people when I put my needs first.

The retreat showed me a lot in this respect. I always had the others in mind and asked myself how the others were doing, but I always tried to keep to myself. That really strengthened me. The energy in the group was so loving and appreciative that the retreat is still having an effect and I feel very fulfilled and full of new energy.

Testimonial from a participant
Pentecost Retreat 2024

You can find more testimonials under this link


Thomas Hochgesang is a tantra teacher and intimacy coach. He uses therapeutic as well as systemic approaches for his work and also involves the energetics as well as spirituality. His approach is intended to help strengthen your self-healing powers, freedom of choice as well as raise your energy level. For this, he uses profound meditation techniques as well as playful body rituals from the tantric tradition and modern psychological insights. By living in India for 5,5 years and undergoing Buddhist training, he was able to establish a mindset that enables him to emanate deep peace and tranquillity. His open heart helps him transmit this attitude to whomever he meets.

Joy S. is a musician, author and specialist in self-love. As an intuitive guide, she helps people find the courage to discover their innermost longings and face their shadows. During spiritual events, Joy turns into a body or musical medium, often playing with fairy-like healing tones and frequencies, while expressing her Kali side when she is standing on stage as the lead singer of rock bands – thus covering the entire tantric spectrum. Together with her husband Thomas, she provides a safe space for deep tantric experiences and supports participants in their self-healing process.

As YouMeUnity, we are offering to accompany you on your journey to yourself. We enjoy it so much to see people arrive at their innermost core. In doing so they are getting ready to embrace one or several relationships that can last and that are honest, deeper than ever before and 100 % heart-open. Such a secure bonding includes honest and appreciative communication, an open heart and a readiness in everyone involved to fully love themselves – and by doing so, learning to love everyone and everything on this beautiful planet, too. Self-confidence, courage, authenticity and embracing what is are also part of this – as well as accepting everything about yourself, even those character traits that you are not particularly proud of. And, of course everything that reminds you of your innate Buddha within yourself.

Do you have any questions?

Get in touch 🙂

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