Sound Healing

Connect with your own strength and healing potential through the magic of music

Music is a language that is understood by everyone. We can use music to share our emotions with others and to connect with our higher self. Music is an essential part of our soul language. It helps us to feel, heal, become whole.

We use music in different ways in our sound healing sessions:

  • to put you into a trance state that allows you to let go of old conditioning
  • to guide you into the healing field through angelic overtone frequencies and meditative sounds
  • to invite you to activate your self-healing powers through your own voice
  • to access your higher self and communicate with the higher self of others
  • to learn to act spontaneously and intuitively with an open and loving heart when you are in touch with others

We weave Sound Healing into many of our evening workshops, seminars and retreats.

Soul Sounds - the power of music within you

Music plays a special role during Soul Sounds, which we offer in cooperation with sound shaman Stefan Bechtold.

More information and all current dates for “Soul Sounds” can be found here.

Sound Healing - die Kraft der Musik in dir
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Sound Healing is right for you, if you ...

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