Retreats in Heidelberg and beyond

We love the sessions, seminars and retreats in our TraumRaum (DreamSpace) in Heidelberg. And we also love to travel to other seminar houses and spiritual festivals and are delighted by all the wonderful opportunities to work in beautiful places of power around the world. Here is an insight from a recent multi-day event where Thomas brought horses and tantra together.

Our retreats are always special, whether we invite the wisdom of animals or focus on something else that is special and goes well with tantra.

You can meet us every year at our traditional retreats:

Please find below a summary of what these retreats are about. Further multi-day events are being planned and will also be published here.

  • From 3 to 7 July 2024, we will be part of the Cat & Cow Yoga & Healing Festival at Mondsee near Leipzig as tantra teachers. You can find all information about the festival here:

Retreats 2024

Easter Retreat 2024

Become wild. Set your wolfish nature free over Easter. Our main focus: Tantra, dance, energy work, meditation and yoga. With lots of community feeling and sensual Easter surprises.

Pentecost Retreat 2024

Sacred Spirit – Earthly Desires. Our tantric Pentecost experience for curious beginners and advanced tantric practicioners. Our focus: sensual tantra rituals that help you strengthen the spiritual connection to the divine. Also included: dance, meditation, yin yoga and energy work.

New Year's Eve event 24/25

Tantra, dancing, feeling joy, exploring spirituality and sensuality. Taking time for deep talks and connecting with yourself and others. Inviting love and open-heartedness. With exciting rituals, deep meditations, a New Year’s Eve buffet, yoga and lots of loving, deep community moments with people you might have just met at the turn of the year.

Feedback welcome!

Do you have a question about one of our current retreats, are you planning a festival or would you like to book us for an event at your location? Please get in touch and let us know what you’re up to. We’re happy to join.

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