Dance & Movement

Calming your mind through movement

You know what it’s like: if you don’t move enough, your whole body becomes restless and literally begs for movement. If you give in to your body’s needs and start moving, your entire system will relax.

When your body has got enough exercise, your mind can calm down and inner peace becomes possible. Often even during and through movement itself. Swimming, jogging, cycling, dancing, yoga … Perhaps the concept of “Runner’s High” should be renamed into “Mover’s High”. 🙂

Yes, YouMeUnity is very much about spiritual development, which often includes stillness, but in order to be able to tap into this meditative, peaceful frequency at all, our body, heart and soul must be ready to surrender to silence, either when you’re on your own or when you’re in contact with others.

When you want to find stillness and peace of heart and mind, it is crucial to balance out your own inner yin and yang. That’s why at all our events we make sure that you are able to move sufficiently and get a chance to release all physical tension before we delve into the deeper layers of your being.

Dance & Movement Joy S. as dancing Kali

During our retreats, seminars and trainings, you are invited to feel the freedom in dance and movement, and you can also get a taste of Yin Yoga during our events that last more than an evening.

In addition, we have two events that include mainly dancing in our section Dance & Movement, namely Dance Your Prayer and the Core Connexion Dance Experience, as well as several events focussing mainly on yoga throughout the year.

Dance & Movement

Our current Dance & Movement events

Core Connexion

A Magical Dance Experience

Move freely and uninhibitedly. Dance freely. Be free.

Dance Your Prayer

Your spiritual Sunday prayer

Spirituality meets free dancing. Every once in a while (upon request) on Sundays.


Wild and free and unconventional

Choose Yin yoga during our regular events or go for our 108 sun salutations challenge during some of the most important Celtic holidays.

You like to ... move it?

Joy S.

Does this sound familiar to you? You want to move more, but there are parts of you that whisper to you that you don't have the time right now. If I believe what these inner voices are whispering to me for too long, I get nervous and my system goes on strike. And should I choose to ignore this warning, I will lie in bed in the evening with tingling legs and a restless mind.

However, I don't feel much better when the Yin side calls me too much towards inner calm and I surrender to total immobility. If I truly want to "play stone", i.e. meditate myself out of my body with the help of absolute stillness, in order to experience a state of enlightenment for a moment, this can only work for me if yin and yang are in balance within me. Jogging, dancing and yoga help me find this balance. Sometimes it is difficult to motivate yourself to move. We are happy to encourage you and look forward to dancing and doing yoga with you at one of our Dance & Movement events.

Any questions?

Feel free to get in touch. 🙂

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