ConsciousTouch Overnight - Our Temple Nights

Join us for our magical temple night in Heidelberg

An evening, a night and a long morning until 2 p.m. full of sensuality and feeling into the body in an enjoyable, pleasant way.
Included: a considerate introduction, an evening ritual, an optional overnight stay and a closing ritual.

(Note: a short participation for part 1 from 7:30 – approx. 9:30/10:00 p.m. is possible, see details below)

The Temple Night in Heidelberg follows the traditions of ConsciousTouch, the Asian art of love and modern partner and gender psychology.

If so, let yourself (and your partner) be touched inside of your mind, body and soul. Humans need touch – it’s one of the most primal and intuitive ways of being cared for. We are holding a space for everybody in a considerate manner to enable all participants to feel into their desires as well as their boundaries. We would like to help you recognize and embrace all the treasures AND the abysses hidden within you. Diving into both parts of yourself will help you to gently and powerfully surpass yourself.

What can you expect from a temple night?

Tandava dance and ancient Tibetan and Kashmiri Tantra exercises, both on an energetic and on a physical level, will lead you the way into an expanded sensual and spiritual dimension. At the same time, to keep your mind from totally getting carried away by sheer bliss, we will feed you with valid information about current body therapy approaches.

During these experiences, anything can happen, but please be aware that there is nothing you are obliged to do nor do you have to tolerate something happen that you don’t like. Your no is a no and your yes is a yes! Nothing else matters! Never forget that you are the most important person during this shared evening, night and morning. During our TempleNights you can consciously live and experience love and sensual pleasure. Whether you feel like being tender or wild, quiet and gentle or ecstatic and space-consuming, you are allowed to experience all of your potential and discover it in others as well.

Temple Night - Tantra in the moonlight in our temple room

You decide what you need for each temple night

You can choose if you want to be touched directly on your skin, if you prefer an energetic massage or if you would like to lose your sense of time and space while staring into somebody else’s eyes for hours. In addition to playful, sensual exercises and instructions for deeply effective massages, we’d like to occasionally offer you special fields for experimentation, like delicious chocolate cream for body painting, blindfolds or kimbaku ropes.

You will learn far-reaching tender and energetic touch techniques, which you can experience physically or energetically, i.e. with or without direct skin contact. The decision is entirely up to you, just like which items of clothing you want to keep on or take off. It’s imperative that you learn to define and set your own physical boundaries (we will practice this at the beginning) and respect those of others. You can ask for whatever you like, as long as you are willing to accept a no just as masterfully as a yes!

What makes a temple night so magical

Joy S. and Thomas Hochgesang

It is exciting and helpful for all of us to experiment with our sexual energies. And yet, we are living in a society which focuses way too much on blunt ways of dealing with sexuality. When we allow ourselves to break free from the conditioning that has kept us in chains since childhood, we can trust that our lives will become more ecstatic and fulfilling. And when we take a more relaxed approach to nudity and our own sexuality, we can also get in touch with our own shadows more easily.

During ConsciousTouch Overnight - Our Temple Nights, we offer you rituals that can make you see how people can be physically close to each other without necessarily having to be sexual. Because as soon as we approach each other with open, loving hearts, we will make ourselves seen by the other on all levels and a deep recognition from soul to soul becomes possible. Of course, this doesn't mean that sexual vibes are excluded from our temple nights ... How we deal with these energies in individual cases, especially when we are thinking of a person close to our heart or they are even in the same room during a tantric experience, is a field of learning that opens the gateway to higher dimensions.

Level 2 for the advanced and for courageous newbies

We are guiding you through this experience with a lot of respect and are giving everything to enable you to experience and trust in freedom and abundance, have the courage to fully open your heart and to feel and respect your needs and 3 limits as you see fit. We are holding the space for you so that you allow yourself to fully open up to who you really are.

Previous tantric experience is neither a condition nor a hindrance to participation. If others’ being naked or talking about sensual topics is making you very nervous, you may be better off by starting with a one-to-one session or events such as Waves of Eternity or Soul Sounds.

Location: TraumRaum Heidelberg, Hauptstraße 119, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Your contribution to the seminar: regular ticket 110 € per session (Friday and Saturday), reduced 90 €, sponsor ticket 130 €,
Optional overnight stay (only after confirmed registration!), flat rate: 20 €
Contribution towards expenses for snacks and breakfast together: 10 € per person.
If possible, please also bring a delicious edible contribution to share with the group.

What else you will need:

Please bring:

  • your own water bottle
  • Lunghi/Sarong (if available)
  • optionally an item important to you to be temporarily placed on our altar
  • for overnight stays (please register!) sleeping bag, sleeping mat, towels and 20 € contribution towards expenses per person per night


Time: Friday 7:30 p.m. – Saturday 2:00 p.m.; arrival Friday from 7:15 p.m.

Our temple nights “ConsciousTouch Overnight” take place approximately once a month in Heidelberg (see dates below) and always include an optional morning session with Yin Yoga or a guided meditation.

Important: If the whole event is too long for you, there is also the option of joining us for the Friday evening session only. In this case, you will be part of the ConsciousTouch group from 7:30 p.m. and will be seen off lovingly by us and all the participants at around 10 p.m. All information about our short version of ConsciousTouch can be found here.

If you are new to us and don’t quite know which option is right for you, you can also register for the short option and then see how you feel and if you would like to stay for the longer one. If there is sufficient room available. Please let us know in advance, though, if you’re considering to choose this option. Thank you! 🙂

We are delighted that you are letting yourself be touched by our energy.

Warm Regards
with love and freedom

Joy & Thomas

All dates for ConsciousTouch Overnight - Our Temple Nights - for 2024

Fri, 5.1.24 – Sat, 6.1.24
Fri, 9.2.24 – Sat, 10.2.24
Fri, 15.3.24 – Sat, 15.3.24
Fri, 17.5.24 – Sat, 18.5.24

Fri, 28.6.24 – Sat, 29.6.24
Fri, 26.7.24 – Sat, 27.7.24
Fri, 13.9.24 – Sat, 14.9.24
Fri, 13.12.24 – Sat 14.12.24

All dates for our Temple Nights - ConsciousTouch Overnight for 2025

Fri, 7.2.25 – 8.2.25
Fri, 18.4.25 – 19.4.25

Fri, 9.5.25 – 10.5.25
Fri, 6.6.25 – 7.6.25

Fri, 25.7.25 – Sat, 26.7.25
Fri, 5.9.25 – Sat, 6.9.25

Fri, 31.10.25 – Sat, 1.11.25
Fri, 19.12.25 – Sat, 20.12.25

Any questions?

Just get in touch. 🙂

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