Heart-opening, intensive individual sessions

Psychological counselling / intimacy coaching / systemic constellations

Why individual sessions / couples therapy?

We all long for intimacy, touch, love, wish to be part of a group or a couple– we simply want to be loved and accepted just the way we are. In our individual sessions / our couples therapy sessions, we want to give you the opportunity to be yourself even more and to be honest and authentic about what makes you you. Together we will dive into the deeper layers of your being and bring everything we find to the surface – everything that you love about yourself already, but also your shadow side that would like to be seen and integrated so that you can heal. We want to encourage you to accept and love yourself more. The more you emanate self-love, the more you’ll get the universal love mirror reflected back to you.

Our work combines up-to-date systemic-therapeutic principles and ancient knowledge about meditation and finding your centre though other means. Which of the many methods available we will use, depends on you. Your past, everything that has shaped you into becoming exactly the version of you that you are today. It also depends on what you want to work on, and what it is that you are currently dreaming about manifesting in your life.

Some of the methods we enjoy using during our individual or couples sessions

We might dive into deeply hidden layers of your past just by talking to you. We can just as well work with your subconscious intuitively and without using words so your mind can come to relax a little bit.
Another method of working with you is communicating with your system using energetic psychology and body therapy.
If you want to become more aware of old conditionings and patterns and are ready to let them go, we offer three ways to help you with that: working with your body, gently activating your energy centres, traditional psychological counselling or working solely with the energetics. Of course, different ways of working with you may pretty well be combined.
During an individual session with us, your heart will, if you allow it, open widely and light may enter and flood your whole being.
We will do as follows: You tell us in advance what is currently going on in your heart and mind and also let us know your preferred ways of connecting with others. During the individual session with you, we will connect with you in a suitable way – and your healing journey into your innermost core continues.
Sometimes it can be helpful to unveil deeply rooted problems, structures or beliefs in individual sessions with the help of systemic constellation work.
In some cases, a spiritual constellation without any human representatives is a good way to find the source of something that has been troubling you for a long time. No experience required from your side. An open mind and sufficient curiosity to discover something new will be all you need.
If you prefer working with a group of people instead of just the two of us, maybe you would like to join us for one of our family constellation Saturdays. Read more about classic constellations based on Bert Hellingerhere.
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Our individual / couples sessions are right for you if ...

What we offer you

An individual / couples session with us contains:

Two open-hearted, caring, loving individuals that emanate a perfect blend of strength and peace of mind. We, in this life divided into a male and a female body, represent a unity between the balanced masculine and feminine. Which is part of why we chose the name YouMeUnity. This unity between feminine and masculine, between you and us, also resides within you and is longing to come to the surface. We are happy to support you! <3

What you will need for your individual / couples session:

Nothing really, because, to be honest: Everything that makes you you, is already contained within you. We want to help you remember exactly that. What you can bring along:

  • Compassion and understanding for yourself and your current situation
  • the reminder that change takes time
  • Courage and curiosity to unearth the treasures hidden within you.

Your contribution to an individual session / couples therapy session:

We charge 130 EUR for the first 60 minutes of an individual session. After that, every 15 minutes will be billed with 27.50 EUR.

If you feel like working with just one of us, please write us an e-mail to ask if we can make it possible. If so, the one working with you will charge 160 EUR for the first hour of a single session, then 32.50 EUR per 15 minutes.

If you come to a couples session with your loved one, you will have to pay a total of 150 EUR for the first hour with us, and 30 EUR for every 15 minutes thereafter.

If it’s important for you and your partner and you are will to pay an extra fee, we may be able to make an exception so you can work with just one of us. In this case, the one working with you will charge 190 EUR for the first couple therapy hour and 40 EUR for every 15 minutes thereafter.


YouMeUnityis the connection between you and us. You are nothing other than ourselves – just in a different form. We are one.

And we as Joy and Thomas want to welcome this form, this system, this unique person that you are, and remind you that you are perfect just the way you are.

If you manage to see, accept and love everything about yourself, including what your inner critic considers as not yet being “good enough”, you will realize that this journey is not about becoming a better version of yourself. Because in essence, you are already whole: Buddhists say that you have been carrying your innate Buddha with you all the time. It is just a question of remembering this. Christians would say: your sins are already forgiven.

What an individual session with you means to us


I love working with people holistically, as a tantra teacher I have been doing this since 2004 and as a sex therapist since 2015. In my personal and professional practice, everything that is is allowed to surface, heal and become whole on every level – in myself and in the people who ask me and us for support.

My holistic view of the world had already become evident when I started exploring my Christian roots, Reiki and the current Mysticism during my studies. In 2001, when Buddhism became part of my life, too, the notion that all is one became particularly obvious to me.

I am not only interested in meditation and other methods that help relax the mind, but I am also passionate about Buddhist psychology.

For more than 25 years I have been combining my spiritual insights with my favourite subject, psychology in general. I am on a mystical path where tantric experiences are interwoven with similar experiences of the Christian tradition.

In 2006 Core Connexion – an intuitive, free way of dance, became part of my toolbox, too. Since then, I have found that for me even the various methods that facilitate healing are essentially all the same.

From then on I have been combining tantra with dance and movement therapy, somatic psychology and trauma healing according to Peter Levine. My knowledge about spirituality, psychology and the ritual magic that is set off when sexuality can be freely expressed is constantly expanding.

During my training to become a psychological counsellor at the Academy for Holistic Medicine in Heidelberg, I became an expert about other scientifically based therapy methods as well. This helps me in helping you bring your innermost desires to the surface and allow yourself to live them freely.

This may be about finding your calling, being able to switch off the chatter in your mind, manifesting a partner who really and truly sees and loves you just the way you are.

It may also be about leaving behind sexual blockages and allowing yourself to de-armour. Sometimes we may even stumble across deeply hidden traumas, which are preventing you from being truly you, truly free and living your life in joy and ecstasy.

Since I started working with Joy, all the pieces of my personal and professional puzzle have been found. I have been able to put them together and they are now forming a coherent, beautiful picture.

My personal toolbox with which I work, has been enhanced and expanded by Joy’s empathy and abilities as an intuitive guide.

We are very well capable of working on our own, but we just feel that we are more complete, also on the professional plane, as a couple. Working together helps us fully tap into your fears, hopes, worries and wishes – in other words, everything that is really going on deep inside, everything that is significant for you and your wellbeing – we can spot all of it faster when we work in two.


As an intuitive guide, I am capable of letting loving energies flow through my system. I will pass on everything I receive from the higher realms that will help you be reminded that you can always heal yourself when you are connected to your loving self – when healing is what your soul has opted for.

Regardless of whether I let music speak through me, whether I work energetically or use my body as a medium – I only know what’s gonna happen in the second I feel what’s needed. Trusting my inner guidance is key for me.

I surrender to the forces of love, put myself at their disposal with everything that I am. It is ofthen the power of silence that helps me step into the state of “just being”.

From there I can enter a world that lies beyond the mind – I become part of the universe in which infinite love for all that is exists. Love is the only thing I perceive and the only thing I can mirror back to you.

I developed the ability to observe people, to study and predict the behaviour very early in my childhood.

Psychology has also always been a topic of interest to me. In 2022 my latest book was published – together with my co-author Kirsten Gottwald: Feeling Loved – Das Selbstliebebuch. It’s about the power of self love, but available in German only for the moment. Should you work in the publishing industry and be interested in having it translated into your language, I am looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

I have been working together with Thomas since summer 2022 and it gives me so much joy to accompany people on their journey.

If you really want to integrate everything into your system that you will be able to experience and feel with my help, it may be necessary to leave old thought patterns behind. Sometimes you will even witness that old fortresses wil crumble.

Calling in my good friend, the Goddess Kali, we can tear down outdated structures within you and build new ones in the name of love. Trust yourself and your ability to shine.

If you are not 100 % sure about working with us,
this may not be right for you.

Please pay attention to your gut feeling. Listen to the messages inside of you. You will know instantly whether you resonate with us and our way of working or not. If you do, please get in touch with us – we are looking forward to getting to know you. If not, or not yet, no problem. You will surely meet the right people to show you the way. Maybe you’ll stumble across us again at a later time. In any case, thank you for reading through our pages and visiting us this way. Just come back when the timing is right.

If it is important for you to get to know us in a group context first, just take a look at our events page. We are excited to hear which event is calling you. 🙂


Questions, questions, questions

We don’t believe in ‘better’ or ‘worse’. Our approach is intuitive, free, spontaneous and unconventional, combined with classic and current methods of psychotherapy and sex therapy. Our way is just one of many. One of millions of timelines you could choose to come closer to the original you.

You know best which method is right for you. If you are not sure and want to meet us in an evening session first, why don’t you come around for ConsciousTouch, Soul Sounds or Cacao & Love and give it a try? 🙂

Honestly? Because we prefer it that way. And because we perceive that we work better together. Combining our male and female power, we can see and feel more and get a broader picture. As a duo, we are more powerful, balanced and we vibe higher than on our own. YouMeUnity. That’s it. 🙂 And we would like you to be part of this “we are all one” feeling, too.

If it essential for you to work just with one of us, we might be able to go for an exception from our rule. We charge more for this, however (see above).

We can’t tell for sure. Using tantra is generally a fast way to healing yourself. One of our participants stated it this way: “One tantra seminar replaces 20 years of psychotherapy.”

And yes, there is definitely some truth in this quote. It’s really all about you: If you are open and willing to confront yourself with your own angels and demons, you won’t need many sessions. However, if you want self-development, but at the same time unintentionally block this path in your subconscious, then it will take a little longer.

Sounds like you’re absolutely in the right place with us. Freeing your sexuality is a big, important step towards freedom in general, but also one that can be paved with fears, old conditioning and trauma.

During our individual sessions, we help you release sexual blockages and become fully open to enjoying life. Everyone will choose their own pace, mindfully, respectfully, carefully and always keeping an eye on their own boundaries and those of others.

A very similar rule applies here as with home births: You know for yourself whether your loved one is slowing down or encouraging your self-development. If it’s good for you to have him or her with you in the session, then you are free to come to a couples therapy session together.

If you have the feeling that you feel freer and more carefree without company, then come to an individual session by yourself first.

After a short, free first chat to see if you really want to go for an individual session, we will ask for a bank transfer in advance, just like we do for our retreats and seminars. You transfer an hourly rate to our account as a deposit to reserve your spot with us.

In case you are unable to attend, you can postpone or cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before we are scheduled to start. In this case, only the cancellation fee will be retained and we will transfer the rest back to you.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the appointment or are absent without excuse, we reserve the right to charge the full fee.

We will keep a time slot of up to 2 hours free for you. Should you require more than one hour, please bring the missing amount with you in cash. If you would like to have a longer session with us, please let us know when booking.

Making you feel at home with us is our top priority. If you are in contact with us for the first time and realize that it’s not right for you, then listen to your gut feeling and leave. In this case, we will gladly refund you the full amount for your first session with us.

Still not fully convinced?

Do you have any questions? Then get in touch and ask 🙂

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