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Testimonial by Sarah from Heidelberg

January 2023

I can say it again and again: I am so incredibly grateful to you for opening these safe spaces and holding them for all of us with your love. I am grateful that I can experience and learn so much with you and that I am touched and allowed to touch others so much. It’s just so beautiful!

I’ve come to realize how easygoing and carefree I can suddenly be – and how much has happened since I first walked through your door, even though that was only a few months ago.

When I think back, I realize which huge steps I have taken in my personal development. I have become so much more myself. The first few times I was with you, I didn’t even know if I could or wanted to be touched (because of my personal history).

And now everything is suddenly so easy and I’m sitting here and am just happy that I can give so much and that’s so nice. And really: I thank you two so much.

What you do is so valuable and I always feel so at home with you and accepted with everything I bring with me – no matter what it is.

I’m already looking forward to next time I hear the call. If I could, I would come to ConsciousTouch every Friday. 🙂

A participant from Neustadt about our Samhain Special

Testimonial from November 2022

The event was great. My girlfriend and I both thought it was pretty cool. She was able to let herself go and I became aware that by participating in events like the Samhain Special I can increase my self-love.

I also noticed that my third eye has opened up more – I had a premonition during the session that came true shortly afterwards.

A lot has happened. I like it that after such intense encounters you have food for the soul for days or even weeks, which helps you take a step further towards transformation. I am very grateful to you both for that.

Dear Joy, dear Thomas,

I often think of you and your loving and beautiful home. My stay in Heidelberg with the concerts, walks in the thriving city and surroundings and above all the time with you in this cozy atmosphere has had a wonderful and surprisingly strengthening effect on me. I returned home with a much lighter heart. And it's still holding on! I am very grateful to you.

You are unique people. All you do to help people make their lives better. In doing this, you're also helping the environment.

My trip to Heidelberg this time was a new and refreshing experience.

With Kind Regards


PS: The systemic constellation seminar was such an important experience for me. I was deeply moved by it. Thank you for letting me take part in it.

Aira from Finland
Participant of one of our family constellation days and AirBnB guest, May 2023

It always does me so incredibly good to be with you and to immerse myself in your enchanted world for at least a little while, allowing me to leave the stress of everyday life behind me.

I felt very comfortable with you and as if I had arrived home. Yesterday morning I was still enjoying the feeling. I wish I could spend more time with people like you, because you just allow me to be! Thank you! You make the world so much brighter.

Testimonial by Mario B. from Sinsheim
Participant of the Samhain Special, October 2022

I just wanted to say hi and admit that I would actually like to spend every weekend with you. I am really missing this space and you and these energies in me right now and I think to myself: “Oh boy, why don’t I live around the corner, why do I live so far away?”

I’m really regretting that I have a lot of appointments in the near future and won’t be able to attend ConsciousTouch again for a couple of weeks – that’s such a long time, but I definitely want to be back again soon.

I would like to share with you how I felt after last weekend: It was awesome. After the seminar, I was totally exhausted, but when I woke up the next day, I thought: “Hey, something’s different!”

I was still or again in this apartment with all the familiar triggers, this apartment in which I sometimes felt so bad when depression had hit me strongly only a few months earlier. But this time something was different.

And then it dawned on me: “Oh, how amazing, I am not sad anymore!” Or at least not as much as before. That doesn’t mean that when I think about what happened in my past, it’s not sad anymore, but that heaviness inside me has lifted. My smile is different and when I look in the mirror, I just look at myself differently.

The seminar I attended was about self-love. I might be mistaken, but I really have the feeling that I look in the mirror and see that I love myself more than I did before. And I mean it. It’s really interesting: When I look myself in the eye, I have a different attitude towards life. So thank you again for that. Thank you for everything.

So much has happened recently. I can feel how the energy in me has changed after the evenings with you. The day after a seminar, I feel very tired, everything reorganizes itself and then I see the changes in the outer world, too.

And yet, I am also very grateful to my guards for always being on duty, as my light was often misused or I allowed it to be misused in the past. My guides serve as antennae to make me see clearly whether what I would like to show of myself will be respected or not. I have become more cautious.

This is another reason why I am so grateful for the safety and respect I feel when I am with you. When I am in your safe space, I can feel the joy deep within me and my guards can take a rest.

Testimonial by Agnieszka
Participant in various ConsciousTouch events in summer 2023
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