Training for love,
connection and freedom

Annual Tantra Training and Weekend Tantra Seminars for Singles and Couples

Annual tantra training and weekend seminars: Your training for love, connection and freedom

For singles, couples and other constellations

Our training for love, connection and freedom helps you arrive completely within yourself, allow yourself to be 100% you and love and be loved with everything that you are.

You will learn to feel everything that belongs to you, welcome each and every part of you and bring all of them into balance:

  • to be grounded and allow high vibing at the same time.
  • to enjoy being human with everything that entails and yet feel the deep connection with that which is greater than us.
  • to emanate love and live your freedom and still allow yourself to connect on a very deep level with others.

This will activate the capacity for deep healing within you and thus enable you to live the kind of partnership you have always dreamed of, but perhaps no longer believed was really possible.

We assure you: It is possible!

Annual Tantra Training for truly being yourself on a deep level: Your training for love, connection and freedom

Important : You can join our Annual Tantra Training at any time – and simply catch up on the modules you missed out in the following year.

You can also book each of the modules individually if a full year’s Tantra Training is too much for you at the moment or if you would like to get a taste of the course before you decide to book the full training.

Tantra-Jahrestraining mit romantischem Paar

What is the training about?

How much freedom do I need for myself and how much freedom do I want to grant myself and the people closest to my heart? How do I increase my sexual and spiritual energy? How can I change the dynamic in my next relationship – or in my existing one – so that we don’t fall into the same old relationship traps as in the past?

And speaking generally: How can we allow connections that are deeper than ever before, both with friends as well as in partnerships? What do we do when our dark sides show?

If I am still searching for the one(s): How do I find the man / woman of my dreams? How do we light a magical fire of love together? And how is it possible to retain the magic that often accompanies the beginnings of relationships?

We will get to the bottom of these and other questions about being human together with you.

The content of the Annual Tantra Training in brief

You will learn to

  • strengthen your self-love
  • be authentically and truly you
  • use moments of solitude as catapults into the feeling of all-is-one
  • strengthen your empathy
  • live healthy egoism instead of bending yourself over backwards for others
  • set boundaries in a respectful way
  • use energy work for the highest good of all beings for yourself and others
  • live the art of slowness instead of being rushed by yourself and your to-do-lists
  • trust the flow of life more
  • immerse yourself in the field of universal love

And here is the content of the individual annual training modules in more detail:

Tantra Training Weekend Seminar part 1

  • healthy egoism: you are the most important person in your life
  • setting boundaries: stay with yourself and your own needs first
  • father / mother / ancestor issues: free yourself from the chains of the past

In this seminar you will learn how the combination of self-love and tantra can help you come closer to your inner core than ever before.

In the seminar package: The most important learnings from Joy’s latest book, the self-love teaching “Feeling Loved“, energetic cord cutting and family constellations. And exactly the amount of touch you need to feel yourself intensely!

Read more about the 1st weekend workshop here.

Tantra Training Weekend Seminar part 2

  • being at home everywhere: accepting the body as the soul’s beloved home
  • the Higher Self: trusting your own divinity
  • psychic abilities: learning to perceive the invisible with humility and gratitude

In this seminar, we will tune into the magical plane in particular, which we can always access with the help of our intuition.

In the seminar package: transformative mirror work, music as a “midwife”, and a great deal of sensuality, with which we can recognize the divine beings within our human nature – and vice versa.

Read more about the 2nd weekend workshop here.

Tantra Training Weekend Seminar part 3

  • from isolation to a sense of belonging and togetherness
  • the courage to grow: showing yourself and raising your voice
  • the art of slowing down

In this seminar we deal with the essences of the feminine and the masculine.

In the seminar package: New perspectives on being alone, energetic fine-tuning in the direction of your desired relationship(s) and tapping into the frequencies of intimacy and ecstasy as gateways to higher levels of existence.

Read more about the 3rd weekend workshop here.

Tantra Training Weekend Seminar part 4

  • deepening empathy: no matter who you meet – they could be you
  • reconciliation: breaking the chains of the past
  • focusing on the good: invite your own demons for tea

In this seminar, we practise courageously facing situations that we might have run away from in the past and consciously letting go of old patterns and programming that no longer serve us.

In the seminar package: mindset fine-tuning towards more abundance, the “positive I don’t care attitude” and deep relationship work with the help of touch.

Read more about the 4th weekend workshop here.

Tantra Training Weekend Seminar part 5

  • learning from nature: houseflies and the baby feline predator principle
  • the power of clarity
  • forget the plan, trust the flow

In this seminar, we will be looking at love and freedom from a completely new perspective.

In the seminar package: transformative shadow work, deepening the connection between spirituality and sexuality and lots of fire on various levels.

Read more about the 5th weekend workshop.

This Annual Tantra Training as well as the Tantric Weekend Seminars are designed for singles and couples as well as other creative constellations. Love & Freedom Tantra by YouMeUnity is based on traditional Kashmiri and Tibetan teachings combined with modern sexual psychology.

The TRAINING FOR LOVE, CONNECTION AND FREEDOM is suitable for tantra beginners as well as for those who have been in the tantric field for some time. You will be pushed to your limits and have exactly the experience that will take you further – in a safe space that is well maintained.

Your exclusive annual tantra training includes 5 weekend seminars with

  • guided tantric massages
  • Energy & Sound Healing
  • numerous powerful exercises from Kashmiri and Tibetan Tantra
  • optional: morning meditation / Yin Yoga

In addition, participants of the entire Tantra Annual Training receive two very special discounts:

You can find all the dates for the Annual Tantra Training and our individual weekend seminars below. If you are unable to attend a weekend seminar in the current year, you can make up for it the following year.

Location: TraumRaum Heidelberg, Hauptstraße 119, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany
(depending on group size also in another seminar house in the area)

Please bring:

  • your own water bottle
  • Lunghi/Sarong (if available)
  • 10 € per person per day for snacks and shared breakfast
  • delicious addition to the buffet to share with the group
  • optionally an item important to you to be temporarily placed on our altar
  • for overnight stays (please register!) sleeping bag, sleeping mat, towels and 20 € contribution towards expenses per person per night

Seminar prices:
Complete Annual Training per person (5 seminars for the price of 4):

  • 1,564 € regular (instead of 1,955 €)
    (Payment in installments possiblereduced prices available for single parents, students and people on low incomes on request – no one should be excluded just because of money).
  • Discount “All summer long”: Book your complete Annual Tantra Training by the end of the previous summer and receive your ticket at the Super Early Bird Price of just €1,388.
  • Discount “When December ends”: If you order by 31rst of December for the training in the new year, the Early Bird Price applies: your Annual Training for € 1,488.

Individual seminars 1 – 5 per person:

  • 391 € regular for a complete weekend seminar
  • “Pennies from Heaven” discount: If you book individual modules early, similar to the complete Annual Tantra Training, you will also receive a discount from us. Just enquire about the details in writing.

Overnight stay: Some space is available on request in our temple room. Please ask us in case you want to choose this option. Alternatively you can stay in one of the many hotels nearby.

All dates for the Tantra annual training for love, connection and freedom for 2024

1st Tantra Weekend Workshop:
FRI February 2, 2024 – SUN February 4, 2024
More info here.

2nd Tantra Weekend Workshop:
FRI April 19, 2024 – SUN April 21, 2024
More info here.

3rd Tantra Weekend Workshop:
FRI July 12, 2024 – SUN July 14, 2024
More info here.

4th Tantra Weekend Workshop:
FRI October 18, 2024 – SUN October 20, 2024
More info here.

5th annual tantra course training:
FRI November 29, 2024 – SUN December 1, 2024
More info here.


Thomas Hochgesang is a tantra teacher and intimacy coach. He uses therapeutic as well as systemic approaches for his work and also involves the energetics as well as spirituality. His approach is intended to help strengthen your self-healing powers, freedom of choice as well as raise your energy level. For this, he uses profound meditation techniques as well as playful body rituals from the tantric tradition and modern psychological insights. By living in India for 5,5 years and undergoing Buddhist training, he was able to establish a mindset that enables him to emanate deep peace and tranquillity. His open heart helps him transmit this attitude to whomever he meets.

Joy S. is a musician, author and specialist in self-love. As an intuitive guide, she leads people to their innermost longings and shadow worlds. During spiritual events, Joy gives free rein to her vocation as a musical medium and plays with elfish, healing tones and frequencies, while she expresses her Kali side as the lead singer in rock bands – the whole tantric spectrum. Together with her husband Thomas, she provides a safe space for deep tantric experiences and supports participants in their self-healing process.

As YouMeUnity, we are offering to accompany you on your journey to yourself. We enjoy it so much to see people arrive at their innermost core. In doing so they are getting ready to embrace one or several relationships that can last and that are honest, deeper than ever before and 100 % heart-open. Such a secure bonding includes honest and appreciative communication, an open heart and a readiness in everyone involved to fully love themselves – and by doing so, learning to love everyone and everything on this beautiful planet, too. Self-confidence, courage, authenticity and embracing what is are also part of this – as well as accepting everything about yourself, even those character traits that you are not particularly proud of. And, of course everything that reminds you of your innate Buddha within yourself.

Do you have any questions?

Get in touch 🙂

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