Conscious Touch Workshops

Allow yourself to connect deeply and feel loved

We all long for touch, enjoy being close to somebody, yearn for intimacy and want to connect on a very deep level. There are several ways of experimenting with conscious touching. You can tap into all of them – and we will lovingly hold space for you.

Feel the magic that is created during a Conscious Touch seminar. You can connect on the physical, emotional or energetic plane. During our workshop we enjoy inviting in the “knowing field” (some call it Akasha or have other names for it). A good way to feel this is during our systemic constellations seminars).

Conscious Touch and the 6 senses

Our workshops are about allowing you to be playful and mindful with regards to all of your senses. Sometimes the sense of taste will be most obvious, sometimes the sense of smell and at other times the sense of hearing (e.g. during our Cacao & Love seminars). Our courses may be about seeing or not seeing (e.g. when everyone is wearing blindfolds during our temple nights). And it’s always about feeling and sensing more as well as training our sixth sense.

Our senses may be more prominent when we combine our perception with touch – on an emotional, physical or energetic level. When participants open their hearts to each other, magic happens. An open heart is key for deep, impactful experiences, raises our awareness and leads to a happier life and positive changes that last.

Conscious Touch between men and women

Conscious Touch and boundaries

Boundaries are such an important topic during all of our events. Remembering to show others where your boundaries are as well as lovingly respecting other people’s boundaries is crucial. We practice both during all of our seminars before we start interacting with each other in tantric exercises.

Our current Conscious Touch seminars

At the moment we offer 4 workshops in which conscious touch is the star of the show:

Take your time to read through the descriptions of these four workshops and get in touch (pun intended … 😀 ) if you have any questions.

Our current, regular events in our conscious touch series


Our popular event for whoever is interested in the art of touching – one of our regulars’ favourite seminars.

One crucial, recurring theme during ConsciousTouch: You will learn to reply with a convincing “yes” as well as a clear “no” – and will receive thanks for both.

ConsciousTouch Overnight / our Temple Nights

About once a month we offer an extended version of our regular ConsciousTouch evening event: the ConsciousTouch Temple Nights, i.e. ConsciousTouch with the option of spending the night and the next day with a group of people who are interested in learning more about tantra. During the night and also the next morning, we often focus on embracing our sexuality in a joyful, heart-open manner.

Waves of Eternity

Our latest format for all those who like to work and experiment energetically will take place regularly at our premises from 2024. Drop us a line if you are interested in exploring this new way of connecting. The focus in this seminar is solely on energy work and connecting with higher planes.

Any questions?

Get in touch! 🙂

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