Dance Your Prayer

Our sensual and spiritual version of Sunday prayers

Dance is prayer and meditation. Dance is love, joy and kindness.

Dance is the connection with that which is greater than us

Since this divine state is so hard to describe with words, goes by many names and is experienced in a different manner by each and everyone, we give just very little guidance during our ‘Dance Your Prayer’-mornings. We provide you with little nudges that may help you get a stronger connection to self and make it easier for you to birth the kind of energy that right now serves you best.

Feel, create and express your very own dance, your prayer, your meditation. Your dance can be soft and tender or wild and boundless, just the way you feel it in that very moment.

You may already be familiar with this kind of intuitive, body-focused, mindful (or rather mind-less) way of dancing fromEcstatic Dance, Waves, Core Connexion, Biodanza or other types of free dance. Maybe your body remembers this state from your childhood, even before kindergarten or school.

Dance Your Prayer - Dance like children or angels

We invite you to go back to the time before you began believing that you had to learn to dance or learn everything else in order to be able to master it.

Remember that you already are a master. A master of dance and of everything else you want to be, just like back in childhood, when not even the sky was the limit and you were full of love for everyone and everything you encountered. Back then, you simply danced, freely and full of love for everything you encountered. This is what we would like to remind you of through Dance your Prayer – you are welcome and loved just the way you are.

Level 1: Beginners and advanced

Thomas Hochgesang is a certified Core Connexion Dance & Transformational Arts Facilitator and is lovingly supported by Joy S., intuitive guide, musician and author.

Dress code: We dance barefoot or with light dance shoes and in comfortable clothes in which you can move easily and freely.

Location: TraumRaum Heidelberg, Hauptstraße 119, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany – or spontaneously outside by the river Neckar when the weather is good

Your contribution:

  • regular ticket 22 € per session
  • reduced ticket ( on request – nobody should be excluded just because of the money) 17 €
  • Sponsor ticket 35 €


Time: 11:30 a.m. to approx. 1:30 p.m. (Arrival and warm-up from 11 a.m. We close the doors at 11:30 a.m.)

Dance Your Prayer currently takes place every once in while depending on demand. Do you want to join us in dance? Please get in touch. We’ll be happy to add you to our list of interested dancers.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

With warm dance greetings,
see you soon,

Joy & Thomas

Any questions?

Just get in touch. 🙂

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