Valentine's Day Special

Feeling Loved

Valentine’s Day – 14th February: the day of lovers. Let’s turn it into the day of love. Perhaps even a day of self-love and love for all that is.

Come and join us and feel loved, regardless of whether you are spending the evening with a loved one or have come on your own. You are welcome. And you are loved so much more than you know.

We invite universal love to guide and accompany us on this special day. And we will all be sending out and receiving it, exactly where it is needed. Just as much or as little as feels right for you.

  • If you take part in the Valentine’s Day Special with a loved one, universal love and the blessings of all participants present will connect you more deeply with each other.
  • If you count yourself amongst those considering themselves non-binary, if you are single and/or polyamorous, you are invited to bathe yourself in loving energy and gentle touch.
  • And if you are still looking for the one(s) … – who knows? They might hear the call and synchronicities may bring you together through the realms of magic in everyday life.

Valentine's Day Special - perhaps also in the realm of parrots

We will be mindful in our contact with each other and release lots of cuddly energy with an extra portion of oxytocin, because that’s just what we need, right?

This event is based on our ConsciousTouch evenings, our guests’ favourite format. Previous tantric experience is neither a condition nor a hindrance to participation.

Everything is guided respectfully and gives you all the freedom to open your heart and to experience and respect your needs and limits on your own responsibility. We hold the space for you so that you can feel free and entrust yourself to the energy of universal love.

Level 1: Beginners and advanced

The Valentine’s Day Special and ConsciousTouch in general focus on conscious touch on all planes. Depending on the day and the people present, touch can be physical, energetic, heart-to-heart or just verbal. No matter what plane feels right for you – we touch each other gently, attentively and with a clear focus on mutual consent.

Dress code: As we want to focus particularly on the heart level and the feeling of being lovingly held on this evening, we would like to ask you to come in comfortable clothes and to be especially mindful and loving towards yourself and others.

Location: TraumRaum Heidelberg, Hauptstraße 119, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Your contribution: regular 55 €, reduced 33 €, sponsor ticket 77 €.


Time: 7:30-10:00 p.m. (admission from 7:15 p.m.)

Wishing you a wonderfully loving Valentine’s Day

Joy & Thomas

Any questions?

Just get in touch. 🙂

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