Tantra Weekend Workshop -
Honouring and Merging

The Art of Lovemaking
Tantra for Couples

Honouring and Merging – a tantric weekend seminar

For couples and practicing couples

Friday, 15 November to Sunday, 17 November 2024

Some of our most important weekend topics:

The highest art of sexual union is when a couple enters the state of timelessness together and for a moment merges with all that is. You lose yourself in order to meet yourself and the other one on another plane. If we merge fully with each other, ecstasy as a basic feeling remains a constant part of our lives.

It is particularly important for us to strengthen you as a couple. During all of the tantric exercises we’ll be doing together, you have the opportunity to do them in a protected environment, meaning: just the two of you – or you can, if you both agree, choose to experiment with others. You can make this decision anew every day, and you are welcome to make a completely different one every time. Just go with what you both feel most comfortable with in the here and now.


  • the joy of experimenting
  • Slow Sex, sacred, gentle, silent union
  • Shared ecstasy

Whatever you both enjoy is allowed and welcomed. Exploring the topic of trust and learning to experiment sexually together will help you sink deeper into yourself and become one with our partner. How much dominance, how much confident devotion do you want to experience as a couple? We give you the opportunity to find out. We will also show you how you can experience bliss through Slow Sex, mutual appreciation and self-love, even when you are not physically active at all. We practice encountering each other with love and humility, regardless of whether we share certain preferences or points of view or not.

An important key to other levels of consciousness that we can enter together as a couple is to slow down, to really take time for each other, to prepare for the union until both sides are feeling a yes from the heart. Due to our conditioning, the reeling off of a programs that have become so familiar to us, we sometimes have a tendency to disregard our true wants and needs, because we’re just so focussed on pleasing others.

But who says that we can no longer please each other, no longer find each other exciting, if we enter completely new, supposedly much more unexciting paths compared to the ones we know so well? If we walk these paths with curiosity and an open mind, who knows? They might be even more exciting than the tried and tested?

We are inviting you on a journey of discovery together. Get to know yourselves and each other in a completely new way and with a depth and intensity that is difficult to put into words. Come with us into the realm of ecstatic energy, which can be accessed when you trust, surrender and simply let flow what wants to move through you with an open heart and a conscious mind.

This module includes ancient tantric worship rituals that will enable you to perceive each other in a completely different way in everyday life – because you will form a very special bond with each other that not only connects you deeply, but also allows you to merge physically and energetically. It is precisely because you are aware of your differences and perceive them with a loving eye that a deep unity can develop between you. And all of this may very well be accompanied by a feeling of being one with yourselves, your loved one and the whole universe. Bliss included.

Verehrung und Verschmelzung bei der Energiearbeit über das

Good to know

Honouring and Merging is part of our ongoing annual training The Art of Lovemaking (for couples and practicing couples).

You will get to know or deepen the following with us:

  • guided tantric massages (such as for example breast massage, yoni massage, lingam massage)
  • freeing yourselves from old conditioning
  • balancing out your inner male and female parts
  • strengthening self-love
  • balancing love, intimacy and freedom in a relationship
  • Slow Sex and sacred, silent union
  • exploring the connection between ecstatic being and spirituality

May this tantric weekend seminar bring you more into mindfulness, mutual respect and thus also into shared ecstatic states. We would like to encourage you to get to truly love and appreciate the power of slowness – without forgetting the other, faster, perhaps more exciting ways of being together. With the help of slowness, thoughtfulness and awareness, we can immerse ourselves in new, fascinating, magical worlds. And not just alone, but especially as a couple – in line with tantric teachings. “Honouring and Merging” is designed for couples and practicing couples. Love & Freedom Tantra by YouMeUnity is based on traditional Kashmiri and Tibetan teachings combined with modern sexual psychology.

THE ART OF LOVEMAKING is just as suitable for newcomers to tantra as it is for those who have been in the tantric field for some time.

Your weekend seminar “Honouring and Merging” includes

  • guided tantric massages
  • Energy & Sound Healing
  • numerous powerful exercises from Kashmiri and Tibetan Tantra
  • optional: morning meditation / Yin Yoga

Location: TraumRaum Heidelberg, Hauptstraße 119, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany
(depending on group size also in another seminar house in the area)

Date and time: Friday, 15 November 2024 from 7:30 p.m. (arrival from 7:00 p.m.) to Sunday, 17 November, 2:00 p.m.

Please bring:

  • your own water bottle
  • Lunghi/Sarong (if available)
  • 10 € per person per day for snacks and shared breakfast
  • delicious addition to the buffet to share with the group
  • optionally an important item for our altar
  • for overnight stays (please register!) sleeping bag, sleeping mat, towels and 20 € contribution towards expenses per person per night

Seminar prices for this weekend workshop per person:

  • 420 € regular per person for a full weekend seminar (reduced prices possible for people on low incomes – no one should be excluded for money alone)

Overnight stay: Some space is available on request in our temple room. Please ask us in case you want to choose this option. Alternatively you can stay in one of the many hotels nearby.


Thomas Hochgesang is a tantra teacher and intimacy coach. He uses therapeutic as well as systemic approaches for his work and also involves the energetics as well as spirituality. His approach is intended to help strengthen your self-healing powers, freedom of choice as well as raise your energy level. For this, he uses profound meditation techniques as well as playful body rituals from the tantric tradition and modern psychological insights. By living in India for 5,5 years and undergoing Buddhist training, he was able to establish a mindset that enables him to emanate deep peace and tranquillity. His open heart helps him transmit this attitude to whomever he meets.

Joy S. is a musician, author and specialist in self-love. As an intuitive guide, she leads people to their innermost longings and shadow worlds. During spiritual events, Joy gives free rein to her vocation as a musical medium and plays with elfish, healing tones and frequencies, while she expresses her Kali side as the lead singer in rock bands – the whole tantric spectrum. Together with her husband Thomas, she provides a safe space for deep tantric experiences and supports participants in their self-healing process.

As YouMeUnity, we are offering to accompany you on your journey to yourself. We enjoy it so much to see people arrive at their innermost core. In doing so they are getting ready to embrace one or several relationships that can last and that are honest, deeper than ever before and 100 % heart-open. Such a secure bonding includes honest and appreciative communication, an open heart and a readiness in everyone involved to fully love themselves – and by doing so, learning to love everyone and everything on this beautiful planet, too. Self-confidence, courage, authenticity and embracing what is are also part of this – as well as accepting everything about yourself, even those character traits that you are not particularly proud of. And, of course everything that reminds you of your innate Buddha within yourself.

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